Information for presenters

Oral Presentations

 All speakers must download their presentations in the speaker's ready room at least 2 hours before their sessions, unless they have sent them to the scientific secretariat in advance. Presenters cannot use their personal computers for their presentations. We recommend using Microsoft to ensure compatability. There will be a technician in the room who can help you.


Speaker's Ready Room

Opening times:

Thursday 1 October, 07:30 - 18:00

Friday 2 October,     07:30 - 18:00

Saturday 3 October, 08:00 - 16:30


ESSD films the invited lectures and uses the videos as educational material available to ESSD members through the website (password controlled). We ask all invited lecturers to sign the form available in the Speakers Ready room giving permission for this use of their lecture,


Invited lecturers are also asked to sign the conflict of interest form  available in the Speakers Ready room.

Poster Presentations

All posters will be displayed all day Friday and Saturday.  Posters size is 90 cm x 120 cm portrait (vertical) and must be mounted before the morning coffee break on Friday and removed after the afternoon coffee break on Saturday. Posters that are not removed will be discarded. 

Delegates using the poster service Postersessiononline will pick up their poster at the registration. Poster presenters must send a PDF of their poster either to Postersessiononline or to the scientific secretariat before 24 September. A 2-3 minute audio file describing the poster can also be sent (optional), these files will be available through a QR code beside the poster and after on the ESSD website members' section. .  


Presenters must be one of the authors of the study which must be original. Abstracts are published in Dysphagia Journal following the congress and are put on the ESSD website. Presenters must have permission to show all their images and data, it is common practice for other delegates to photograph and record interesting presentations.  

Abstract Book

Abstracts presented in the congress are available at the back of the programme and are listed in order of
presentation. There is an author index at the end.