Fresenius-Kabi sponsored symposium

Friday 2 Oct 13:30-14:30

“Managing the Patient with Dysphagia: From therapeutic strategies to practical solutions”


Chairperson: Prof. Olle Ekberg, Sweden



13:30-13:40        Introduction


                               Prof. Olle Ekberg, Sweden 


13:40-14:00        MMI – A new concept for dysphagia management


                               Prof. Pere Clavé, Spain


14.00-14:20        Nutritional management of dysphagia - practical insights


                               Dr. Rosa Burgos Pelaez, Spain 


14:20-14:30        Q & A session and concluding remarks                               


Prof. Olle Ekberg, Sweden  


Nestlé Health Science sponsored symposium

Friday 2 Oct 18:00-19:00

“Care of Swallowing Difficulties:  Practicalities of safe and appealing nutrition”


18:00-18:25        Science-Based Interventions for Dysphagia Management

Dr Pere Clavé


18:25-18:50        Dining with Dignity- Raising the Standard

Chef Gary Brailsford (UK) 


18:50-19:00        Q&A


Nutricia sponsored symposium

Saturday 3 Oct 13:30-14:30

 "Nutricia medical symposium; ‎Better Compliance for Better Outcomes"


13:30     Cost of illness of oro-pharyngeal dysphagia after stroke from a hospital perspective for the Spanish setting


Prof. Pere Clave, ESSD President


13.50     Stroke related dysphagia – diagnostic approach and nutritional management


Prof. Rainer Dziewas, Neurologist


14.10     Making Dysphagia Advice Easier To Swallow: Improving Compliance in NHS Highland Nursing Homes


Lisa Fox, Senior Speech and Language Therapist


14.30     Questions and Close


DJO sponsored symposium

Thursday 1 Oct 13:30-14:00


“Presentation of Chattanooga VitalStim Plus: next generation electrical stimulation device for dysphagia treatment”


This new device comes with color video and graphical interface and incorporates innovative technologies & state-of-the-art sEMG

Phagenesis sponsored symposium

Thursday 1 Oct 17:30-18:15   

“Pharyngeal Electrical Stimulation (PES); treating the cause of dysphagia, the evidence so far”

Chair: Professor Shaheen Hamdy

Professor of Neurogastroenterology

Salford Royal Hospital


PES for Post Stroke Dysphagia; The STEPS Trial

Professor Philip Bath

Professor of Stroke Medicine

Nottingham University Hospital Trust


STEPS Learning points

Mary McFarlane

Principal Speech and Language Therapist,

Northwick Park Hospital, North West London Hospitals Trust


Promising evidence in PES & outlook

Rainer Dziewas

Professor of Neurology

Head of Neurological Intensive Case Unit and Stroke Unit

University Hospital of Münster